Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012: the highlights

I don't think any more words need to be said about 2012, so here are some photos of a rather significant  year of my life! Here's to 2013.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


NYE Photo courtesy of Kellyn, sorry I stole it! Check out her blog here.

Okay, so I had a whole post written out about my resolutions and why I think they're great... but I'm trashing it. After some thinking and reading other's thoughts (like THIS amazing blog post by Francine Rivers) on this whole resolution thing, I'm going in a different direction. 

Thoughts: 1) setting a tone for the year keeps your focus on the right things, 2) setting goals gives us a plan and purpose, and 3) New Year's resolutions don't have to be a huge list of "self-improvement" items I thought of for myself 4) My New Year's resolutions can be a list of ways to obey and delight the Lord this year!

Lord, please show me what my goal(s) should be this year.
what tone should I set for 2013? 
is there a specific word I can focus on this year? 

do only things that have a true purpose.
make things simple and be intentional.


I have some practical goals, too:
-get a job, make a new plan for managing money
-put my devotional plan into practice, baby steps style 
-less junk-filled media use, replace with the uplifting stuff (like Christian blogs or FaceTime)

blog goals: 
-post more often! always a goal
-narrow the topics of my posts, a new direction, if you will
-more pictures! I have recently acquired a new camera, so this will be fun.

& some dreams/bucket list items:
-go to Greece fall semester (ahaha, see how I snuck that in there? it's not official yet, but stay tuned...)
-go skydiving
-get my tattoo


do only things that have a true purpose.
make things simple and be intentional.

With three cheers for 2013,