Tuesday, March 5, 2013


GUYS. Blogging in college is hard. I hate starting every post with "Aw, gee, guess I haven't posted in three weeks... shame!" But this is becoming my reality, and I'm okay with it. I love blogging, so I'll keep doing it. Even if that means only a few posts each month, they'll be the kind of posts I want to be putting out there- a variety of sharing what God is doing in my life, thankfulness, bragging on the amazing people I have in my life, and tons of pictures of all the things I've been up to. 

God is teaching me SO much. I have been so encouraged and challenged by a million different things lately. I have a post in the works (okay, in my brain... soon to be in my drafts folder) about some of those things. 

Habits is a word that's been floating through my mind lately- getting rid of the old ones and forming better ones to take their place. Again, more on this in a later post. 

I have a WICKED HUGE announcement coming super super soon. Lots of you probably know what it is... because frankly I just can't shut up about it. A hint? I am checking a really big item off my bucket list this year. 

Spring Break is on its way! I fly back to NH on Friday night.

Today I found out I had a midterm on Thursday... just when I thought I was one small quiz away from freedom! Oh well. Still close! 

Tomorrow is Moody's Day of Prayer, and I am so excited to experience it for the first time. The Gospel Choir I am a part of is leading the whole required afternoon session, which is going to be so amazing, we have such wonderful songs this semester. Not gunna lie, I cry every time we do this set. ALSO, I get to solo lead one of the worship songs we're singing! If somebody gets it on video, I can share it here! :) 

Literally seriously goodness gracious I am so blessed. 

I got a job!! I am working for a childcare company that gives me the opportunity to work as little/much as I want. It is such a godsend. I may not get a chance to be assigned to a job until after spring break, but I am so grateful to have a source of extra income and can see how God's timing was perfect in the process of applying. 

Well, I am off to get a coffee before my 4 hour class (with a dinner break in the middle, so a five hour marathon 3-8!)... it is much needed this week, even for a girl who is determined not to be addicted to caffeine. 

Thanks for reading my ramblings, much love to you if you made it this far! 


PS. look out for a February playlist soon! I will probably post it tonight during one of my class breaks.