Friday, January 10, 2014


Surprise! I haven't in fact abandoned this blog as you may think. I guess I just took an accidental break, since I've only posted maybe 3 times since returning from Greece. Here is what you need to know:

I have been home in NH November, December, and this beginning of January. Tomorrow I fly back to Chicago and move back in to Moody with my lovely roommate Bekah and get to see all of my friends again!! Classes start on Monday and while I will miss everyone in NH, I am beyond excited to be back. Both of these places are home to me.

I have been working anywhere between 40-60 hours every week at two jobs. One as a receptionist and the other at The Children's Place outlet (kid's clothing store). I also had 2 papers to write from classes I took in Greece and took a 3 credit online Research Writing class. So I have been wicked busy. Going back to school will be a break.

I am off of Facebook for at least a month, but I will probably pop in and post the link to this update on my blog page, but not on my personal one. Make sure to subscribe via email if you want to get the posts there instead! 

I have lots of posts I want to catch up on before moving into the type of posts I am planning for 2014. Here is what will be coming soon:

  • 2013 in review (better late than never!)
  • hello to 2014 
  • what God has been teaching me (well, insert a more creative title here) 
  • final pictures from Turkey and Northern Greece (any photos I have yet to share will come in this post) 
For now, I will leave you with the typical silly selfie before I head out on this snowy morning for breakfast with my Grandma, next time I blog may very well be from the airport or airplane tomorrow!! Eep.

Thanks for not abandoning me! See ya soon!