Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear blogger inside my head,
I think you're doing this wrong. Pretty please learn how to organize some thoughts and finish a post now and then. Also, you may want to clean out the snippets in your "drafts" folder... it's getting crowded in there. Too many things to say.

Dear Bekah,
it is so much fun being your roommate. From reading me Bible passages in the morning, to offering a massage for a massage, and making me laugh- you're a good one.

Dear Project Runway,
uh oh. you've got us all addicted. Also, thank you for being such a great distraction for our suite. We can only read about eschatology for so many hours without a break.

Dear Ellen,
you're sitting next to me blogging too, so don't look over here. I am just so glad we're buddies. I love how I could instantly be honest with you about what I'm feeling, and how much we agree on. Also, I love baking with you while listening to Michael Buble or the Cheetah Girls. You have great taste in sweets and tunes.

Dear Emily,
you offer so much wisdom, and hold others so highly. Thank you for pointing me to Jesus.

Dear Zach,
as much as we joke about hating the internet, and as tired as I am when I stay up late to Skype you, I am so thankful we're able to do it. Thanks for putting up with me when I am a crazy person, and reminding me that you expect it from time to time, because I'm a girl and all.

Dear friends back in the states,
I miss you!!!! quality time is needed when I'm back. for real.

Dear Jesus,
I am so thankful that you are constant. It becomes more evident in the moments when everything else is on the move, and I appreciate it more than I can express.

Dear Kylie,
I am so proud every time I talk to you and hear about what you're doing, especially when it's something like serving at Food for Children all morning then working 9 hours at the Gap! What a rockstar. I can't wait for all our adventures when I get home.

Dear Greece,
I really really like you.

Dear Pikermi,
I'll be so sad to leave you.

Dear backpack,
We're going on a really big adventure soon! Get ready.

Dear blog readers,
You're great. Thanks for following along with my life lately.