Wednesday, May 29, 2013

welcome, summer.

summer = 

slow mornings. slow enough that my family wakes me up at 10, thank goodness or I'd never get anything done.

big time adventures like camping on the beach, and small time adventures like a day trip to the outlets for Memorial Day sales or driving to a parking lot to watch fireworks.

NH. I missed it. driving around in cars, shopping trips, the casual jaunt to a waterfall, my home church, and my favorite people who live here.

...but dang, it is so QUIET.

lots of free time as I am still unemployed. God, what are we doing here? this is the time where I wait for him to give me other things to do, because he must be up to something.

kids! at Moody and in my life in Chicago, hanging with kiddos is a rare treat. here, and especially at my church, they are everywhere. let me say I just about cried walking into church the first Sunday and being attacked with hugs from like 8 of those cutie pies. I died.

making my room into home for the time being, laughing at the things that remind me of 12 year old me who designed this room. it's so pink... #nostalgia

blasting loud music all day and getting away with it because my family missed me... we'll see how long this lasts.

lots of cooking and chowing and snacking. yesterday I ate dessert twice.

summer rain.

those catch-up conversations.

feeding my current addiction to one tree hill... season 3 is crazy right now, people.

realizing that I kinda missed TV... I kinda didn't miss TV.

living in a land where people know what a cruller is and say wicked more than super.

a break from the stress (though it is the good kind) of schoolwork.

not taking a break from getting into the word, sitting under great teachers, and absorbing every little lesson God has to teach me in the moments I look to him, and even in those I don't.