Saturday, November 23, 2013

Friday Favorites

this post from my friend Jenna, reflecting on how we have been home for a month now. she writes beautifully, head over and check out her blog!

speaking of blogs, on my blog...if you were reading my posts while I was in Greece, you heard me talk about my friend Ellen, or saw me link some of her and Emily's blog posts. I am so proud to link her very own blog as one of my favorites! So so proud. It's called "The Other Side of E"

Christine Caine on Twitter. She spoke at Moody's Missions Conference while I was in Greece, and while I haven't been able to watch the sessions yet, I came across her twitter and it's been killing me! So much truth in such a small amount of words.

this quote from my new devo book: "We thrive on creativity. Sameness bores us, but we still need the dependable security God offers" -Beth Moore

The Ultimate Guide to Saved by the Bell Fashion. Zach knows me too well and posted this on my facebook page.

and since all the posts I read about successful blogging say I need to entertain you with photos like kids and picture books... these three photos from Pinterest of some of my favorite classy movie couples.

And that's it!! Here's to the weekend, blog friends. 

xoxo Em (&K. we're on a homework date.)