Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Monday


-handshakes: something I have done more in the last month than I ever have in my life!

-sitting across from a stranger in Starbucks and making unintentional eye contact one too many times

-not realizing that you have an oatmeal mark on your jeans until it is too late to change, and going to chapel and two classes that way

-accidentally spying and intruding on people by sitting in a semi-hidden spot in the lounge, then not wanting to come out of said spot because they will know you heard everything they just said (I ended up braving the awkward and skittering out of there really quickly)

-forgetting the word for a preposition after laughing that we were learning parts of speech again


-spontaneous dance parties in tiny dorm rooms

-hot Tazo Passion tea during late night homework sessions

-sort of chilly, yet sunny days

-profs who let you out of your 3 hour block class class 40 minutes early because they know it's open mic night

-opening up my space bag full of sweaters because it's cold enough and officially fall // sweater weather!

Hoping nobody in Starbucks saw me take this picture (awkward),


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  1. I miss you! oh, and btdubs tazo tea is the best. EVER.