Monday, October 1, 2012

Instagram Lovin'

Uh oh!

Reading some "Shorter Life of DL Moody"

Starting my budget on Monday, so now was the time for a big fro-yo.


Mail time :)

Skype avec Kylie. Wut wut. (caption by Ema)

Instagram pic of tea. The end. 

Off to gospel choir woot woot (posted and captioned by Ema, this was when I auditioned:))

Studying for Old Testament with sunglasses on. #classy


Moved my desk, liking the new view :) #H3N #chicago

"Look what I found!" 

Week's Homework... planned. 

Opening the sweater bags! You don't even understand the excitement in this room right now

Checking something off my Chicago bucket list this Saturday... and it didn't cost me a penny! 
#chicago #cubs

Pizza champs

4 page paper due tomorrow, 41 words so far, salted caramel mocha in hand… Let’s do this thing.

#best #roommate #ever

Yep, this is my life lately.

Much love from the library, 


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