Friday, November 9, 2012

{Things to Do Instead of Homework}

The key, dear friends, is to do things that are actually worthwhile for your friendships, soul, and general wellbeing. That way, you are at least doing something semi-productive, even if it's not #1 on your to-do list at the moment to...

  1. watch your dear kitchen-challenged friend make cookies and make sure she doesn't set anything on fire
  2. check your mailbox 
  3. write letters to your pen pals 
  4. go grocery shopping
  5. have a nice walk on this strangely warm (50s) day (on the way to Aldi, of course)
  6. clean your room
  7. listen to Christmas music (I know you're thinking, "hey! that's not productive!"...good for the soul, remember? moving on.) 
  8. paint your nails 
  9. catch up on emails 
  10. do some jumping jacks to keep that blood flowin' 
  11. make up things to write on your calendar
  12. organize your underwear drawer
  13. write your Christmas list
  14. wash your dishes 
  15. have a nice stretch 
  16. yoga 
  17. pluck your eyebrows
  18. make tea
  19. make a plan and lists for the Christmas Market 
  20. and finally... BLOG. 

I have done nearly all of these things today. Now, I am about to listen to Jeremiah (dramatized ESV audio version... ooh!), and work on numbers 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 16, 17, and 18. 

Love love, 

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  1. I got pretty excited when I saw the title of the post and it did not disapoint, haha. :) Love the ideas! I think I'm going to do #3, #11, & #20. :)