Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Chicago, 
I miss you! It's quiet here.

Dear New Hampshire, 
It's so good to be back. You hold so so many of my favorite people and memories. Not to mention the fact that I can finally look outside and see everything covered in snow (for the first time this winter!)

Dear family, 
I almost forgot how strange you are... I am quite enjoying it- our weird quirks and habits, spontaneous culinary experiments, and Christmas traditions.

Dear Ema, 
Just kidding. You don't even read my blog...

Dear Kellyn, 
You're the best. I love how it doesn't feel awkward to sit down and chat with you even after such a long time not seeing each other. I owe you an Apotheca date soon, don't I?

Dear Zach, 
It is so much better not being 1,000 miles away from you.

Dear Spotify, 
We're in quite a love-hate relationship at the moment... for one, I am annoyed at some of the ads you've been playing, but right now you're providing the entire Les Mis soundtrack for me... I just can't stay mad at you forever!

Dear God, 
Thank you for reminding me over and over of your plan and how it plays out exactly how you knew it would, down to the very last detail.

Dear blog readers, 
Thank you for reading! It is hard to know how many of you there really are, but I appreciate you so much. Please continue to give me feedback! I need to know what you like to read, and even what you don't.

Much much love,



  1. dear emily,
    I like that picture :)

    1. dear simi,
      why thanks ;) I took it of this lovely letter a friend sent me... in fact, I owe her one back, and will have to do that when I get back to school (so it can be postmarked from Chicago, and all)