Friday, December 7, 2012

Thursday Randoms

-I am finally registered for all the classes I want for next semester! I had been registered for all but one for weeks, but I finally added the last one today. Whew, it's quite a relief. This is what it looked like, trying to plan everything(this is actually my schedule but its showing one extra class because I was choosing between two options):

-I cleaned my desk ALL the way the other day... it literally has not been this clean all semester and it's great.

-on Monday, it got up to at least 72 degrees in Chicago! What?! I know! Crazy. I am SO ready for it to snow, I haven't experienced more than a flurry this season, and only from the window.

-I will be done with classes & finals in 12 days and flying back to NH in 13 days.. less than two weeks! I am ready for a rest and the million fun things happening over break. Get ready for a ton of blog posts during those weeks, and many some vlogs, too- stay tuned.

-I really need a haircut, because it's just being so unruly and gets tangled so easily, so I know it's telling me I need a trim. Also, I mastered a sock bun and am now obsessed. The bigger, the better. See here:

-Last weekend I ushered for Moody's huge, wonderful, Christmas play on steroids called Candlelight Carols. The show was so great! I got to see about 3/4 of it the first night when I had a break. I worked at Will Call. It was really fun, especially since a lot of my friends were there too! Here's a few of us: 

-we got wicked cute floor sweatshirts this week! it's so fun because every time I wear it, I end up matching somebody! see photo below.


"Be still, and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10

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