Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ten for Tuesday

1. My feet will walk in at least three countries this year. 
2. I have spent way too long today reorganizing my Pinterest. No regrets- I'm on break (so I can do whatever I want) & it is going to be so pretty... not even done yet.
3. Between one day in January and one yesterday, I put together at least 7 trash bags full of clothes to giveaway. 
4. By the time I wake up in the morning, there will be a whole foot of snow in my city. Loving every bit of it, from indoors that is. 
5. I always forget how much I love skiing. On Saturday, my highest speed was 40mph...ooh. 
6. It is hard coming up with 10 things... maybe I should try a theme next time. 
7. I am trying to figure out what direction I want to go with this blog. I'm asking myself tough questions to figure it out, like this, "What do I have to say, anyway?" 
8. Being lazy and trapped indoors by a snowstorm all day is one of my favorite things ever.
9. I like reading again. Up next, writing. I used to love that too... one step at a time. 
10. Making lists like this that are so all over the place and random probably makes me sound like a mental person. I kind of am. 


  1. love lists and love this :) wait, three countries? what's the third one?
    ooh, clothes...here i am!

    1. thanks Sim! and most of ny newest giveaway items are not quite as cute as a few of the ones I gave you last time, but I'll take a peek and pull out anything you might like ;) the rest are going to be consigned at Mother & Child and Salvation Army! And yes... three :) Here counts as one, the other two are Greece and Canada!

    2. haha I also was confused about the 3rd....OBVIOUSLYYY, Canada!