Monday, July 8, 2013


My view// Walmart trips// lunch date// Hipster Abi// almost matchers// pretty birthday girl// 

#baldboyfriendprobs// giveaways// #wildernesswednesday part I// gluten free cooking magic// veggie taco lunch// birthday dinner for the Ky// 

homemade GF pizza// dinner date with Daddy// Disney VHS nights// insta-advert for chicks only small group// toes in the pool for the first time// #wildernesswednesday part II// 

veggie obsession// the girls// fave little bean of a cousin// VHS movie night the sequel// what...// little buddy's cute outfit choice//

[fourth of July weekend]---> bromance paparazzi// Zach being a weirdy// broken chair during the movie at the drive in// 5 minutes till show time// moosen in Maine on the fourth// Matt Nathanson at LL Bean//

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