Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Busses and ruins and tissues, oh my!

*note: this update is not in real time... I fell asleep before finishing it last week, whatever day it was... but I will post it anyway, more updates from Patmos, Turkey, and Northern Greece coming soon, I have enough pictures to blog for months!* 

Current location: Kavala, Greece 

Facebook: "we've ridden on 3 busses, 1 boat, crossed one border, all in 2 countries and 2 one day." 

Recent locations: 
European part of Turkey
Asian Part of Turkey 
Island of Patmos
...and more! 

Currently: sick with a cold were all passing around to each other, but still jazzed to be here! Still loving the backpacking thing, it will be weird to go back to semi-normalcy on Monday, settling in to Leptokarya and starting our final class. 


matching, backpacking, ready for adventure.
library in Ephesus

selfie with a turtle

on a bus, on a boat, going from Asian Turkey to European Turkey

the girl who makes me "the other Emily"

xoxo Emily

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