Wednesday, October 30, 2013

most productive day ever.

it's my first full day back in NH. normally, I would've just chilled out, but this is what I ended up getting accomplished, bullet point list style:

  • filled out a job app
  • job interview
  • scheduled my first day at job #1
  • drank a really huge water bottle
  • peed in a cup in a slightly sketchy basement for a drug test
  • unpacked tons 
  • job interview #2 
  • got hired... AGAIN. 
  • obligatory Target trip for a new toothbrush etc. 
  • got groceries 
  • more unpacking
So basically, God is awesome. I had both of these jobs sort of lined up, but was so happy that today not just one, but both of them are finally solidified! And it was so easy this time, such an extra blessing because I didn't work all summer. I start training for one job on Saturday, and the other on Monday! It will be hard work and lots of hours, but I am so thankful. 

love from a receptionist, sales associate, and sometimes student, 


xoxo thanks for reading!

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