Saturday, September 15, 2012



You've done it, you've made it, successfully over to my brand new blog site! Do you just love it? I absolutely do. It was designed by my lovely friend Gloria- also a blogger, of course! Please follow her here :).

I suppose we will start with a few basics. However, I have an About Me page, so if you need to know more, that's where you should go! My name is Emily, but if you're reading this, we're probably related, or friends on Facebook, so you know that. I'm just being polite.

So, what am I going to blog about? I thought you'd never ask. I love Jesus, I am studying Pre-Counseling at Moody Bible Institute, I have awesome friends and family, I live in Chicago and frequently go on adventures, and I love Pinterest and other such cooking/fashion/crafty pursuits. I will blog what I know and what I love. Random thoughts, cool things I'm learning in my theology classes, and adventures I've been on. Basically, whatever comes to mind. I may focus on a more specific topic at some point, but for now I'm going to try everything and see what I like. Please give feedback so I can  better hone in on what to write about! You can do so by marking one of the little checkboxes you will see at the end of a post, commenting on a post, or sending me an email.

If you'd like to see my old blog, you can read through my posts right here. I am working on getting my posts to pop up over there as well, but am having many technology-related difficulties as it is. I will be continuing most of my regular posts, such as Monthly Favorites, Life Lately, Instagram Lovin', and vlogs! I have so much fun stuff lined up, just you wait and see!

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