Saturday, September 15, 2012

"What exactly are you doing at that fancy Bible school, anyway?" Part I: Classes

Well, friend, let me tell you!

Classes! I am taking 5 classes this semester. That's not as many as some people, but the perfect amount for my first semester. I have just finished my third week of classes, and have already learned so much! I am taking...

1. The Church and Its Doctrines (a.k.a. CDOC, pronounced "c" dock)
This may be my favorite class so far! It's so fun to learn about theology, and go over each topic in more detail than I have before. I really like our professor. He always starts with a Bible verse, devotional style, but totally relating to what he is going to talk about in that day's lecture. After that, he jumps right in with the lecture, and doesn't stop until class is over. We furiously scribble down notes, trying to catch everything he says. Thank goodness he puts the lecture notes and slides online later on, I always have to go fill in what I missed.

2. College Writing
I like our professor, some of the essays we've been reading have been really good, and I can already tell that it's a good idea to be reviewing grammar rules! I am generally pretty good at writing, but this class has been reminding me that there is always room for improvement. Thank goodness she grades in purple pen, not red!

3. Old Testament Survey (we just call it O.T.) 
Such a fun class. Dr. Marty is quite well known and loved around here, and for good reason! He makes the class really fun, and has been known to grab people by the shoulders, or tell them they should marry "that girl over there in the blue shirt" just to illustrate a point. This would be why some of my friends and I sit in the "Dead Sea" (a.k.a. the back of the auditorium) so we are able to observe the craziness, but not be a victim of it.

4. Spiritual Life and Community (SLAC, of course, pronounced like slack, for no particular reason...)
This is the only class I have at night. I don't mind, though, it's just once a week for three hours. Basically this class entails a little bit of lecture, being part of a small group that meets for about 1/3 of the class time, meeting with an accountability partner from the class once a week, reading three books, and writing three book reports. I am not loving one of the books we're reading, but regardless, I do enjoy this class. It's a chill, encouraging class to go to at the end of the day. This week, our prof brought us his wife's homemade whole wheat chocolate chip cookies and milk. That was a particularly good class. Yes.

5. Intro to Ministry
I have this class once a week, for one hour, with around 280 other kids. The purpose for this class is to help us with our PCM (Practical Christian Ministry, which I will explain in a future post) and train us for ministry in the future. We'll have lots of guest speakers, and hear about different types of ministries. We are learning some really great foundational stuff, which is good whether you've been doing ministry for years of not. For some, it's all brand new. For many, it's a good refresher to remind us what our goal and purpose is, and what the most important parts of ministry are.

Speaking of classes, I am off to finish my first OT paper which is due on Monday. Oh boy.


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