Monday, October 22, 2012


Enough of this silliness... Here is a little birthday survey :)
[Borrowed from: this blog]

I am: content.
I think: this is one of those birthdays where I won't feel any older.
I know: that God will exceed my expectations during this next year.
I have: the most amazing new friends here, and I feel so blessed by them every day. 
I wish: I knew which church God wants me at (patience, patience...)
I miss: my dog. And also all my favorite people. 
I fear: deep water & not being able to breathe. 
I wonder: how I will answer these questions on my 20th birthday
I regret: nothing, really. 
I love: Ema. She keeps me sane. 
I am not: sure what my roomie and friends have planned for me tonight, but I'm super excited to find out. 
I believe: in God's faithfulness. 
I dance: often. Only spontaneously, of course... (Moody friends will get this joke.)
I sing: all the time, and I'm so glad I am doing Gospel Choir. Otherwise I would be having withdrawals.
I cry: with girls from my floor during movie nights. Tangled? The Notebook? So many tears from each one of us piled onto that bunk bed. 
I always: feel better after a chapel or church service... seriously so refreshing every time. 
I listen: to the street noise every night as I fall asleep- favorite. 
I am happy about: everything! God is so good. I can't count how many times I walk into my dorm, hang up my coat, and tell Ema something along the lines of, "I feel so blessed and encouraged right now! Ahh."
[Borrowed from: this blog]

Love love love,


Do I look older? Probs not.

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