Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chicago Adventures

I have loved every minute of exploring this city. Everyone said I would love it here, and of course they were right. There is so much to do and see and experience. We often head out with semi-clear directions, U-Pass in hand, for an adventure. We go a lot with our bro-sis, which is the girls on my floor and a guy's floor we are paired with for the whole year! I will talk about that more in an upcoming post. Here are some things I've gotten to do so far!

{A walk to Navy Pier for the fireworks}


{A trip to the (free!) Lincoln Park Zoo}

Note: You may have to play a little game of "find that animal" for some of these photos... oops! I am investing in a real camera soon, promise! 

{& Kilwin's Ice Cream after the zoo} 


{Dinner in Chinatown}


{A trip to see the "best view of the city at night"}


{Going out for Cuban food} 


{Wrigley Field}



  1. I love Chicago..what a wonderfully fun city it is! Lovely pictures, looks like a grand time. :)