Friday, November 23, 2012

Thankful November

I am thankful for...

[1] Gospel Choir
[2] Mancala with my little sis
[3] Ema's idea to lay in the plaza at midnight and chat
[4] the kiddos I teach in Sunday school
[5] FaceTime
[6] a sovereign Lord
[7] Christmas cheer starting extra early with the first *play* of Christmas music
[8] finding a wicked comfy chair in one of my favorite homework & reading spots
[9] Ghirardelli sundaes and good conversation
[10] Saturdays
[11] those who sang along with so much enthusiasm at our gospel choir concert
[12] finishing my entire Old Testament paper from 9-2 and 7-8, with lots of breaks and sleep
[13] solo shopping adventures
[14] testimony nights on the floor and the 3x longer conversations after
[15] no classes for two days in a row
[16] very short coffee date with Ema during our busy Friday
[17] everyday things and adventures with friends
[18] my Bro-Sis!! For real, everyone is so great.
[19] the fact that I am flying home today (Monday) instead of Wednesday, and only my parents know
[20] writing this from home!!
[21] baking all day with my sister 
[22] the fact that at every good and perfect gift is from God, and as our Father he knows just how to spoil us

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! Hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day. Write what you've been thankful for this month in the comments or on my Facebook page!

Emily (& my parents:))

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