Monday, February 18, 2013

{February 17}

watching---> New Girl, the first season of Community on Cucirca, lots of cooking shows on Hulu, and various other shows during this resty/always-drowsy-from-Benadryl couple of days (more on my recent medical escapades soon...)

reading---> some amazing books for my classes, Jesus Calling, and The Casual Vacancy.

listening---> street noise, floor noise, roommate sniffles, and Spotify on shuffle. this second it is Mumford and Sons' Holland Road

making---> plans and dreaming dreams

feeling---> rather weak, still in recovery mode. but SO much better. also thoughtful and sentimental... as well as  slightly grumpy, too, but at least I can blame that on the meds they have me on.

planning---> an adventure for next semester... again, stay tuned!

loving---> relaxation and the things God is teaching me in these moments of both stress and silence


P.S. Thanks for bearing with me these last few weeks of mild blog neglect, crazy stories coming your way this week or next! Meanwhile, keep up with me on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest! Let me know if you follow me on any of those places, I'd love to follow back :) 


  1. I love Mumford and Sons too! :)

    This is a really neat blog. I just discovered it and am excited to read more.

    If you're interested, please stop by and say hello at

    1. Hi Gabrielle! I apologize for never replying to this comment, sometimes I forget to check them! Thanks! I am glad you're enjoying my blog.

      Your blog looks great too! Your design is lovely!