Sunday, February 3, 2013

Late Night Letters

I normally do this on Fridays, but inspiration struck while I was procrastinating writing a paper... typical. So tonight I wrote letters.

Dear Zach, you're the best- even though you said my glitter phone case was dumb and told me about Jon Foreman and Noah Gunderson coming to Chicago on a night I can't go. But really... you're great. I think I'll keep you. 

Dear blank wall next to my bed, I'm going to cover you with something. You're driving me crazy.

Dear Ema, I missed you this weekend. It was so quiet! I don't think I can ever live alone... ever. 

Dear Justin Bieber, your acoustic stuff? It's surprisingly so good. Do more. 

Dear 3 North (my dorm floor), I feel SO blessed to know all of you. This week I realized how God has provided us with such a life-filled community. In the middle of missing people from home and searching for the right church, we have each other as a community to turn to for encouragement & prayer. 

Dear God, you are so good. So so so good. Help me remember that and have more "Selah" moments.



  1. I love this. It's adorable and lovely all wrapped into wonderful.

    1. thank you Sara!! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)