Sunday, October 14, 2012


I have seen this post on several blogs, but most recently on Gloria's blog (and another one I can't remember...I have been browsing a lot of new loveliness lately). I am adding/subtracting and modifying the versions I've seen. Feel free to copy/paste and post on your own blog and tell me in the comments, or just answer in the comments!

listening to: Pandora, which is playing Ben Folds' "You Don't Know Me" on my Eliza Doolittle station, the rain, and the street sounds of La Salle
reading: "The Sweetest Thing" by Elizabeth Musser
anticipating: our fall bro-sis fall festival, which will involve flannel and apples
loving: my friends.
obsessing over: a new nail polish Ema and I got, it's on both my fingers and toes!

Much love from rainy Chicago,


  1. would you recommend this book? it's currently 80 cents on amazon ;)

    1. yes! Okay, I'm only on page 71, but it is really good so far. I may buy it too, since mine if a library copy... thanks for sharing! PS MISS YOU TOO!