Friday, October 19, 2012

Thursday Randoms

Life Randoms

Last week, I finished two books I have been reading since the summer. I feel very accomplished, and they were both really good. They may show up in the grand return of my Monthly Favorites, stay tuned at the beginning of November!

I have a cold while writing his. Here's hoping I don't when it posts on Thursday. 

I've been thinking a lot about where certain expressions come from. A bunch of us talked about this last   night while on the bus. Who was first to say that someone's ancestor rolled over in their grave, and why on earth did it catch on? I want to know.

Slang words have also been a fascinating topic of discussion lately. For instance, where you're from, do people say "freakin'" or "friggin'"? I know neither of those expressions are extraordinarily ladylike, but we have discovered that they are said differntly in different areas. Also on the table for discussion: "Y'all", "wicked", and how to pronounce "pillow" and "milk". Have you ever seen someone do "the accent tag" video? I did it a while back, maybe I should post it on here this week... let me know if you'd like to see that!

Fluorescent lights do not like my eyes. Nope, not a bit. Splitting headache every time.

I have developed somewhat of an obsession with the color yellow in the last few months.

This week, God has really been breaking my heart for some friends and families I know. Ema and I have a white board next to our sink + mirror where we write what we're doing that day, as well as verses and prayer requests, and the prayer request section has been growing and growing this week. It's so comforting to know that the people on our list are being comforted by the Lord as they go through stressful and heartbreaking times.

Blog Randoms

I made a Facebook page for my blog! If you don't have a blogspot account, this is a great way to follow my posts. Even if you do follow me on blogspot, you may get other updates and opportunities through giving my page a like. You can also give feedback/ask questions over there.

Upcoming Posts: 
(I feel like I lie every time, but you really will see these posts eventually...) 
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